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What Makes Reflecto V2

Reflecto Technologies OÜ, based in Tallinn, Estonia, launched its first cryptocurrency called Reflecto back in November of 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Reflecto's upcoming RTO cryptocurrency is the next generation of reflection tokens that rewards holders with multiple other tokens and is the only cryptocurrency that enables users to select their own reward tokens.

With Reflecto V2, we have introduced multiple innovations that have set new standards in the DeFi space: double rewards system with auto-staking, select your reward token, high protection from dumps, hyper burn mechanism, to name a few. Learn more

Amid the 2022-2023 crypto downturn and the rise of AI, we launched safunet.com an AI-centric crypto platform featuring unique modules like Reflecta, Guardian, Prophet, and more... revolutionizing the digital asset space. Learn more

Our vision is to fully embrace decentralization, aiming to evolve the Reflecto ecosystem into a DAO-driven haven, ensuring transparency, community-driven governance, and a trustless, decentralized future for our platform.


The list of launched and upcoming utilities

SafuNet Highlights


Reflecto V2 is the next evolution of a reflection token

Reflecto V2 is the first dynamic tokenomics automatically adjusted by the contract algorithm. The benefit of dynamic tokenomics is that it will promote RTO's value growth and optimize tokenomics allocation depending on multiple different factors.

  • Initial tokenomics have different buy and sell fees - the sell fee is 4% whilst the buy fee is 4%.

  • Fees are excluded for token transfers from one wallet to another.

  • The Reflecto smart contract is designed with a flexible tokenomic structure, allowing for a variety of modifications. All features are set to become modifiable through Reflecto's DAO, ensuring future adaptability driven by community governance.